Dr. Robert Stine, MD

Dr. Robert Stine, MD

“Listen to what people don’t say.”- anonymous

Dr Stine in three words: Engaging, Innovative, and Holistic

Dr Robert Stine, MD, is an Integrative Psychiatrist, combining expertise in psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and complementary medicine approaches. Integrative psychiatry utilizes a holistic scope for mental health treatment, incorporating conventional psychiatric treatments (medications) with complementary or alternative healing practices (nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, mindfulness, Eastern medicine, etc.) This holistic approach for mental health provides options beyond the disease-focused, reductionist model of traditional psychiatry. The emphasis is on a healthy mind, spirit, and body, through practices encouraging awareness, acceptance and compassion. Integrative psychiatry treatments stem from a growing scientific evidence base of the substantial total patient benefit from combining holistic practices with conventional psychiatric treatments.

Dr. Stines approach to integrative psychiatry is to help individuals access their own inner resources to heal their suffering. He works in a collaborative and strength-based perspective that integrates his training in adult, child and adolescent psychiatry, CBT and mindfulness based therapies, as well as medical acupuncture.

Robert Stine, MD graduated from New York Medical College and finished his residency at New York Medical College Training Consortium. He graduated cum laude from the University of Chicago. Dr. Stine is also Board Certified in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Having leading teams of doctors and therapists for over 35 years in New York City, Dr. Stine has relocated to Connecticut going back to his roots of patient practice and developing an integrative psychiatric practice at Hopewell Health Solutions.

In his spare time, Dr.Stine likes to relax by a pool or a fire (depending on the season, of course) with his beautiful, sweet dog, Onyx.

Dr Stine offers:
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication treatment and management for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical acupuncture for mental health disorders