Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

eval2Q-interactive is a digital platform that streamlines the entire assessment process. We offer comprehensive, customized reports with visual representations of the data, such as graphs and tables. Our reports have tailored recommendations and solutions to address the targeted problem areas. Psychological testing and assessment can be likened to getting your blood work done for a doctor’s visit. Testing can help provide a baseline of behavior and a target treatment for those specific areas. In addition, testing can help to monitor progress and make sure that the treatment is working. Testing can also be very important before considering psychiatric medication because it will provide data for an accurate assessment. Current areas for testing include: ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Learning Disability, Personality Disorders, Personality Testing, neuropsychological, memory and executive functioning deficits.

Some patients’ reactions to testing:

“The testing at HHS allowed me to finally understand why my son was struggling in school and how to help him.” — S.R. (age 52)

“After all these years of failing and frustration, the testing indicated what type of ADHD I had, and through treatment and medication, I finally passed my boards.” — A.S. (age 27)

Child and Adolescent Evaluations

evalA comprehensive evaluation can help to diagnose and, most importantly, create an individualized treatment plan for the child. Recommendations will include home, therapeutic, and school-based solutions. In addition, we will work with the school’s special education staff in order to implement the specialized treatment plan. Evaluations at HHS are conducted for the following diagnoses: Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disorders (including Non-Verbal), Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Asperger Syndrome/High-Functioning Autism.

Adult Evaluations

The goal of assessment is to help pinpoint what specific areas should be targeted in treatment. Evaluations for adults assess for the presence of: Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disorders, Personality Disorders, Depression, and Anxiety.

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