Dr. Kristine Schlichting, PhD

Dr, K in 3 words: Insightful, Innovative, Impactful

Change is a practice, not a concept.

Dr. Kristine Schlichting, PHD, is the Director of Hopewell Health Solutions and a Licensed Psychologist fusing together the principles of psychology, transformation, motivation, coaching, and wellness. She earned her doctorate and masters’ in psychology at the University of Connecticut and received an additional master’s in counseling at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Over the past ten years, Dr. Schlichting has “broken the box” of traditional talk therapy to develop a new model for change which is based on recent developments in neuroscience. Therapy at HHS is active, dynamic, and collaborative; this therapy requires discipline, practice, and teaming with the client. Guiding her staff in this treatment ensures that every HHS therapist’s work is rooted in this practice.

Dr. Schlichting has conducted research in the areas of anxiety, group dynamics, and video self-modeling. Her innovative research has been published in various articles and books. Her most recent book was published in 2018, “The Parenting Project.” Dr. Schlichting is always looking for new opportunities to put mental health on the forefront – including co-locating her therapists in doctor’s offices, providing telehealth, providing therapy in natural settings (home, office, or school), and using technology to help patients.

Dr. K is a fierce advocate committed to helping all children and adults reach their fullest potential. In her free time, she enjoys having adrenaline filled adventures with her children and fur baby.

Dr. K offers:
  • Individual counseling and TELEHEALTH for adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Including pet-assisted therapy and walk-talk therapy.
  • Groups- Mindfulness for Adults, Mindfulness for Children, Women in Transition Groups.
  • Specialties include: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, divorce/blended families, womens’ issues, sex/intimacy concerns, and developing healthy relationships.
  • Testing and diagnosis.
  • On- site consultation for schools.
  • Gottman method for couples counseling.
  • J.G.
    In the first session, I was given ideas and solutions that worked immediately. My son's anxiety and obsessions have been decreasing each day and, in a week, they were gone. I feel like my son was back to being happy.
    Age 36
  • Y.L.
    This therapy has provided me with a map to live my life more fully and completely. I wish I hadn't waited so long...
    Age 54
  • C.C.
    I am forty years old; a wife, mom, and was a lawyer for a billion dollar company. I was burning the candle from both ends and melting down physically and mentally. Dr. K gave me the tools I needed to get back on track. I learned how to manage my stress and learn to take care of myself. After a year in therapy, I am eating healthier, taking my vitamins, exercising, sleeping better, and taking time for myself. Thanks Dr. K — you are the best!
    Age 40
  • C.B.
    This [women's] group is a life-changing group. I am learning new ways of dealing with things that I will use the rest of my life.
    Age 34
  • S.K.
    I have been living with anxiety my whole life and I was tired of it. After trying many other therapies, I found Dr. K and I am now learning to 'retrain my brain.' Finally, I am living an easier, less stressful life.
    Age 42
  • D.Y.
    Dr. K has made a huge difference for my daughter. She has advocated at the school to get her the support she needed and she has taught her and our whole family to deal with stress very differently. I can't thank her enough.
    Age 51
  • B.R.
    I have been to countless doctors and therapists in the last twenty years and no one has been able to move me forward until now. I feel very lucky to be in Dr. K's care.
    Age 56
  • L.M.
    You really provided me with the solutions and inspiration I needed to change. I got better so much more quickly with you as my therapist! Thank you!
    Age 16
  • S. and G.
    I wish we had found you sooner, because our marriage and our family has improved so much since we started therapy.
    S. and G.
    Ages 32 and 35
  • H.
    Since we have been seeing you [Dr. K], we have had much more peace in our home.
    Age 42
  • J.
    I have learned to overcome my public speaking anxiety and I am more successful at work.
    Age 27
  • S.
    I really like leaving therapy with practical solutions to work on during the week. Those really give me focus.
    Age 35
  • G.
    The relaxation and breathing techniques bring immediate relief to my anxiety and help me to feel more in control of me.
    Age 54
  • W.
    This is very powerful [therapy]. I am finally figuring out what my path is and how to be happy.
    Age 62
  • L.
    From the first session, Dr. K created a behavioral plan that helped my child overcome school phobia within a few days.
    Age 46
  • C.H.
    Dr. K talks with me like a real person and she understands what I am going through.
    Age 14
  • Y.
    I feel that you really understood me and helped me with practical solutions that I can really use!
    Age 32