Dr. Bido Aguessy, Psy.D., LPC-A

Bido in 3 words: Sociable, communicative, and mentally-active

“When we tell our story, we become human. ”- Parker Palmer

Dr. Bido Aguessy, Psy. D. is a clinical psychologist, a licensed professional counselor associate, and a spiritual care specialist. With a lifelong love of learning, he has many degrees and accomplishments. He graduated with a doctorate in psychology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawka, IN. Dr. Aguessy was passionate about learning about the intersection of spirituality with psychology and continued his theological training at New Brunswick Theological Seminary and JFK Medical center in NJ.

His early clinical work included supporting patients in their early stage of disability at the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation in NJ. In addition, most of his research and clinical work is concentrated on End of Life, palliative care, grief and loss. Dr. Aguessy has worked as a grief counselor for the Connecticut Hospice. Dr. Aguessy has also worked as a counselor at Hartford Hospital, University of Connecticut Health, Trinity Health of New England, and Athena Health.

Dr. Bido Aguessy works with adolescents and adults that are experiencing trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, grief, mood disorders, and anger. He also works with the adults in the areas of geriatric depression and end of life. Dr. Aguessy’s holistic philosophy includes working with the whole family and the individual to necessitate change and growth.

As theologian, he integrates spirituality in his clinical approach. Dr. Aguessy is well-versed in psychological methods of Depth Psychology, Jungian psychology, and logo therapy. He also works within a family systems perspective and is culturally sensitive. He is the author of a few therapeutic methods, like the Seven-week grief group therapy. Dr. Aguessy is also a published author of the book “Let’s Talk about the End of Life Psychotherapy. “

Dr. Aguessy is a fluent speaker of English, French, Ewe, Mina, and Fon languages.

Dr. Aguessy provides:
  • Individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults
  • Treatment areas: trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, anger management, and emotional balance.
  • Weekly 7 week grief groups on Saturdays in Glastonbury: Loss of Spouse, Loss of a Child, Loss of a Parent, Loss of a Sibling, Loss of a Pet.