Groups & Classes

Girl Power

3 groups: Elementary, Pre-teen Girls, High School Girls

This group is to help teen girls build the strength, spirit, and support they will need to successfully navigate through the teenage years.

Some discussion topics include:

  • Staying positive
  • Goal setting
  • Learning to say "no" to negative friends, ideas, or activities
  • Determining your core values and what you are really about
  • Understanding body and mind changes
  • Healthy mind, healthy body

Boys Group

For Middle school and High School boys

The goal of this group is provide a space for boys to connect and learn new ways to deal with stress, frustration, anger, and anxiety. This group is specifically tailored to address these concerns in a supportive, dynamic, and fun format. Groups are structured around such activities as role-playing, educational games, and hands-on programs. Boys will also have the option to take leadership roles in the group at different times. Topics change based on the group's needs.

In this engaging format, your child will learn lessons in:

  • How to deal with bullies
  • Flexibility in social situations
  • Impulse control
  • Social problem solving
  • Working cooperatively
  • Social norms
  • Decreasing social anxiety and stress

Mindfulness for Kids

Ages 10-18 (Boys and Girls)

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating awareness and acceptance, free of judgement. This class incorporates light yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and cognitive behavioral therapy. These skills will help your child learn to handle emotions more clearly, improve concentration, and create their own peace and happiness. Kids that learn mindfulness skills become more resilient and healthier within their everyday lives. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and get ready for wonderful treat!

Mindfulness for Adults

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment. This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance of present-moment reality. It wakes us up to the fact that our lives unfold only in moments. If we are not fully present for many of those moments, we may not only miss what is most valuable in our lives but also fail to realize the richness and the depth of our possibilities for growth, and transformation. The principles of Mindfulness in this class are taught through light yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and breathing exercises. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, and get ready for a wonderful treat!