John Jacob, LCSW

John in three words: Curious, Compassionate, Creative

John Jacob LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Connecticut. He received his master’s in Social Work with a clinical focus from the Columbia University School of Social Work.

John provides an eclectic and innovative approach to therapy utilizing fundamental psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), MI, mindfulness and Socratic questioning. John believes understanding and navigating one’s truest beliefs are a central theme in full development of the self. John works to help clients become their best selves and self-actualize through improving the ability to adapt to different demands in multiple domains. John has worked in multiple clinical roles and is comfortable meeting clients where they are at. In sessions, it is emphasized to create a comfortable environment in which clients are able to feel and be safely vulnerable in order to fulfill concerted efforts at change.

John believes in a holistic approach and works to help clients understand and practice positive change in one domain of life in order to improve results in other domains.

John enjoys being with clients every step of the way, not to direct change but act as a confidant and trusted consistent resource, helping guide change.

In his free time, John enjoys playing guitar. He appreciates the connection between music and the ability to be resilient through creative expression.

John offers individual counseling and family counseling focusing on:
  • Depressive disorders including bipolar disorders, MDD, and dysthymia.
  • Anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias
  • OCD, trauma related disorders, and substance abuse disorders
  • Personality disorders including BPD, avoidant personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder
  • Family conflict, parenting difficulties, and young adult challenges