Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Walsh LMSW, C-SSWS, M.Ed

Licensed Master Social Worker
Advanced Somatic Trauma Release Therapist
Glastonbury, CT
Three words to describe Jen: Patient, supportive, and collaborative
Be messy and complicated and afraid… and show up anyways.”

Glennon Doyle

Jennifer Walsh is a Connecticut Licensed Master Social Worker specializing in the effects of trauma, toxic stress, and adverse childhood experiences. Jennifer received a master’s degree in social work from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, carrying an additional state certification as a school social worker specialist. After working primarily in pediatric inpatient care, Jennifer has spent the past decade serving adults, adolescents, and children recovering from the negative physical and mental health consequences of unresolved traumatic experiences in outpatient private practice. Jennifer has additional experience in non-violent crisis intervention and instruction, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization management, domestic violence group facilitation, as well as in treating depression, anxiety, substance misuse, dual-diagnoses, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jennifer comes to us with a diverse background, having not only clinical mental health skills, but an extensive knowledge of the mind/body connection. Certified as an advanced somatic trauma release therapist, Jennifer uses a biopsychosocial approach to support her clients as they discover the underlying cause of their distress, as well as the social, emotional, and regulatory skills necessary to help manage overwhelm, increase frustration tolerance, and regulate nervous system activation. Jennifer is also licensed in the state of Connecticut as a massage therapist, with complimentary certifications in both children’s massage therapy and infant massage instruction through the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Jennifer is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), with complimentary certifications in children’s yoga and infant developmental movement.

Jennifer’s approach to working with clients is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of circumstance, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity deserves to be cared for and supported by trusted and skilled individuals. Faithful to the ideals of her profession and driven by an innate sense of fairness, Jennifer believes that each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

In her time out of the office, you can find Jennifer practicing yoga, enjoying time at her summer cottage, or using her platform to advocate for the rights and wellness of underserved communities through the Mom Hugs Organization at Pride events across the state of Connecticut. Hope to see you there …

Jennifer offers:

  • Individual, couple, and family counseling for children, adolescents, adults
  • Therapy for ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, substance use/ addiction, trauma, mood disorders, OCD, communication difficulties, panic attacks, substance abuse, anger management, crisis intervention, and life transitions or changes.
  • Group counseling on trauma, domestic violence, adverse childhood experiences, divorce, parenting issues, women’s issues
  • Corporate team building workshops
  • Lisa Albenze
    TRE® is fantastic ! First, and foremost, Jenny is a thoughtful and knowledgeable practitioner. Her specific guidance through the exercises gives evidence that she walks the walk ! It is apparent that Jenny practices TRE®, and expresses her personal experience as a very effective tool for encouraging me to listen to my body. I am a Reiki practitioner and knowing TRE® is a wonderful way to compliment the grounding exercises I employ before administering Reiki to others. I feel energized after class with Jenny and now on my own - and even though it may sound strange, I feel a sense of psychological freedom after TRE® and more in tune with my own wellbeing. TRE® feels to me like a technique that is so primitive and basic to the human body, I wonder how we, as civilized human beings, ever forgot how superb, resilient and self-healing our bodies truly are. I am grateful for having TRE® to help minimize the stress I hold in my body that I am not aware of on a daily basis.
    Lisa Albenze
  • Lauren Lanham
    TRE® is a gentle, nurturing way for me to tap into the held trauma in my body and release it. Jenny is a gifted healer who guides me through the process with great care and respect. After each session, I feel a sense of freedom and ease, physically and emotionally. I am so grateful to have found TRE®, a healing resource I can return to again and again.
    Lauren Lanham
  • Christy Casella
    I didn't know what to expect going into my first TRE® session but Jenny explained the practice in terms that were easy to understand and follow. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about TRE® that it makes you eager to experience it. I walked away from the sessions more relaxed, more focused and I slept better than I had in months. I can definitely see how TRE® can be life changing for those with traumatic experiences. It really is an amazing mind-body experience.
    Christy Casella