Dr. Kristine Schlichting, PhD
Director of HHS


Dr. K in 3 Words: Insightful, Innovative, and Impactful

“Change is a practice, not a concept.” — Dr. K

Dr. Kristine Schlichting, PHD, is an innovator, entrepreneur, expert problem solver, and change agent fusing together the principles of psychology, organizational behavior, coaching, and wellness. She is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Connecticut and earned her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She also received specialized training in both Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution-Focused Therapy during her Masters’ degree training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

kristine-actionOver the past ten years, Dr. Schlichting has “broken the box” of traditional talk therapy to develop a new model (i-Therapy™) for change which is based on recent developments in neuroscience. Brain-based i-Therapy™ at HHS is active, dynamic, and collaborative; this therapy requires discipline, practice, and collaboration. I-Therapy is an effective, short-term treatment that is strength-based and goal-oriented. Guiding her staff in this treatment ensures that every HHS therapist’s work is rooted in this practice. In addition, Dr. Schlichting provides individual, group, and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. She is also the coordinator and facilitator for testing and diagnosis.

Dr. Schlichting has conducted research in the areas of anxiety, group dynamics, and video self- modeling. Her innovative research has been published in various articles and books. She travels throughout New England providing consultation, seminars, and trainings for conferences, medical offices, schools, and corporations. Her trainings are multi-media, interactive, and goal focused and all content is directed towards efficient and relevant implementation. Active change is created through dynamic engagement, creating supportive networks for communication and connection, and motivating people to take charge of their own lives. Some samples are: Brain Training/Optimization, Stress Management with Mindful Mindset, Diversity/Inclusion and Connected Communication. Consultation work includes:   Corporate Climate Change, Teaming/Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution/Effective Communication, and Corporate Crisis Management. Through her concierge clinical work with executives throughout the country, Dr. Schlichting has been named as a top provider by the Health Network Foundation, a private organization aimed at connecting CEO’s and business leaders with exceptional medical providers.

Dr. K is a fierce advocate committed to helping all children and adults reach their fullest potential. In her free time, she enjoys having adrenaline filled adventures with her husband and her children.

Dr K Offers


  • Intensive counseling (3-6 hour sessions) for children, adults, and families
  • Groups- Mindfulness for Adults, Mindfulness for Children, Girls Groups, Womens’ Groups.
  • Testing and diagnosis , including IEE’s
  • On- site consultation for schools
  • On-site trainings for schools- Mindful Mindset, Brain Training, Executive Functioning Skills, and Connected Communication.

Business Consultation

  • Trainings/Workshops: Brain Training/Optimization, Stress Management with Mindful Mindset, Money Mindset, and Connected Communication.
  • On- site consultation for corporations and businesses
  • Executive Coaching
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