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We understand workplace stress and how it can affect the bottom line of your company.

Employees who report higher levels of stress have lower engagement in their work, higher rates of absenteeism, and are less productive than employees who report lower levels of stress. (Source: Towers & Watson, 2014)

We offer innovative, insightful, and impactful customized products for your company.

Our portfolio of exceptional wellness-based services combine neuroscience, coaching, psychology, and organizational behavior all in an engaging, multimedia format.

Here is a sample of some of the Targeted Trainings offered:

BTO - Brain Training Optimization

Habits, personal training for your brain-understand the mechanics of your brain and how to train for optimal living. Personal Training for your Brain.

S2 - Spin Stress into Success

Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and life management skills-how to stop letting stress drive you and how to take back control our your life. Strategies include Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and health based systems.

C2 - Connected Communication

Teaming, motivation, connecting, conflict resolution, verbal and nonverbal communication in the workplace. Includes digital detox, mindful listening, and deep diving conversations.

M2 - Money Mindset

Empower your employees with knowledge that will help them develop a growth mindset to foster emotional resiliency, stress reduction, and financial wellness. Includes principles of growth mindset and financial wellness.

Individual Programs Offered:

  • Concierge services-executive coaching, video self modeling for teams and leaders.
  • Video self modeling is observational learning commonly used by athletes, it allows individuals or teams to view themselves being successful while performing a difficult task.

Testimonials for HHS Corporate Consultations and Coaching:

  • Amazing Reputation
    Hopewell Health Solutions is one of the most sought after practices for mental health counseling and consultation.
    Amazing Reputation
  • Amazing Feedback
    95% of participants said it was “excellent”, 95% “would recommend to friends and family” and 100% of participants said they were "likely to use the strategies taught in the training.” 100% of participants “enjoyed” the training.
    Amazing Feedback
  • Innovative, Relevant, and Fun Trainings with Real Life Solutions.
  • Claude Murdy
    It was such a pleasure to attend your session on mindfulness. I took a lot of notes and plan to share my notes with my children and the staff at my office. I enjoyed it so much and really feel like such a session should be mandatory at all companies.
    Claude Murdy
    SSA Executive, CT
  • Joel Cantin
    I can't say enough about Dr. K. Within a very short time, she provided me with great insight about what obstacles were in the way of my personal development. She helped me create a clear plan of action and provided me with support and motivation. She was much more effective and insightful than other people that I had seen before.
    Joel Cantin
    Director of Marketing at CyberChrome
  • Insurance Executive
    The guidance and coaching from Dr. K helped me get through one of the most trying times of my life- she is direct, honest, and real. She is a great asset.
    Insurance Executive
    Hartford, CT
  • D.M.
    The presenter provided great alternatives to dealing with life’s stressors. Great real life examples that I could relate to. Thank you.
  • R.L.
    I enjoyed the interaction with Dr. Schlichting and the employees present for the program. I liked the videos and learned a lot.
  • J.B.
    Multi-media and changing it up with numerous examples to allow us all to make a connection with material and lesson was wonderful
  • B.P.
    Enjoyed it all- fabulous. Loved it.
  • M.B.
    Great presentation, light-hearted, fun, good humor and relevant material.

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